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The Power of Meditation Buddies

We’re now meditating together through a WhatsApp group

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meditating over video

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  1. Suggest a meditation time in the chat, e.g.,
    • “Is anyone up for meditation in 20 minutes?”
  2. Other members can reply with “yes”.
  3. The initiator of the session creates a Google Meet.
google meet

Post the link in the chat

The initiator states how long they will meditate.

People can choose to leave quietly earlier.

If you want to stay longer, turn down the volume of your phone so you won’t be interrupted when the others finish up.

Most people want to have a quick catch-up at the end and see how it went for the other person.

The main purpose is to use Meditation Buddies to get your practice in quickly and efficiently, to show up, and stay for the duration.